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What Is The Focal Length In An Optical Lens?
Sep 11, 2017

Distance refers to the lens of the camera through the focal point of the lens of the lens, the standard lens: angle of 300 or so, when the lens focal length is approximately equal to the camera target diagonal lengths, it is defined as the standard lens. In the 2/3-inch CCD camera, the standard lens focal length is 16mm, in the 1/2-inch CCD camera, the standard lens focal length is 12mm, and in the 1/3-inch CCD camera, the standard lens focal length is 8mm.

Wide Angle Lens: Angle 550 above, the focal length can be small to a few millimeters, can provide a broader view.

Telephoto lens: Viewing angle of 200, the focal length can reach dozens of centimeters, dozens of decimeter, this kind of lens can enlarge the object image in the distant circumstance, but the observation scope will shrink.

Zoom lens: Also known as telescopic lens, there are two types of manual zoom and electric zoom, which can be used to monitor the scene angle and target object to zoom in on the image, suitable for long range change observation and ingestion target.

Zoom lens is characterized by: in the case of clear imaging, through the lens focal length changes to change the image size and field size.