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Optical Properties Of Resin Lenses
Sep 11, 2017

1, the surface gloss of the resin lens, smoothness is not inferior to the general glass lens.

2, the refractive index of the resin lens is lower than the general glass lens, so the resin lens with the same degree is thicker.

3. The dispersion of the resin lens and the general glass lens is very similar.

4, resin lens perspective rate of 92%, more than the average glass lens higher than 2%.

5, Resin lens surface reflection is lower than the general glass lenses, but also less dazzling, this is because of its high transmittance, low refractive index.

6, the resin lens of the two-ray lens is the entire composition, not like the general glass double light lens to fuse, therefore, the resin two-ray lens has no chromatic aberration.

7, the optical properties of resin lenses are very stable, no matter in high temperature or low temperature will not produce changes.