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Mechanical Properties Of Resin Lenses
Sep 11, 2017

1, resin lenses can be cast high transparency, and in line with the optical requirements of various shape lenses.

2, the resin lens than the general glass lens is easier than the car side frame.

3, the resin lens is very easy to dye, can be used as needed to dye a variety of different transmittance of color lenses.

Physical Characteristics:

1, the texture of the resin lens lightweight, its weight is only half of the general glass lenses.

2. The impact resistance of the resin lens is especially strong.

3. When the resin lens is smashed, the fragments are less, the fragment area is large and the blunt edge is reduced, and the injury of the eye and face is minimized.

4, resin lenses, although the long-term use, the lens surface is not prone to rupture.

5, resin lenses for high temperature, body-like small objects have a strong impact resistance, such objects hit the resin lens, will immediately open; not like ordinary glass lenses, it is easy to cause dents and spots. Therefore, in the welding or use of grinding wheel, in order to prevent the eye from splashing damage, can use resin lenses to think of defense.

6, because of the low thermal conductivity of the resin lens, the fog resistance is better than the general lens.