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Maintenance And Use Of Resin Lenses
Sep 11, 2017

1, glasses should be placed in the mirror box, do not use the external surface of the lens (outside) contact with hard objects.

2. Rinse with tap water before wiping the lens. If there is oil, can drip a little dishwashing detergent and then rinse with tap water, and then use a soft paper towel to suck dry.

3, wipe the lens to use special fiber cloth. If the fiber cloth is dirty, it can be cleaned and then used.

4, membrane resin film or cosmic film should be wary of high temperature, do not wear glasses to wash hot baths, not to wear glasses to wash the sauna, do not put glasses in the summer no one in the car;

5, resin lens surface Although after special hardening treatment, but compared to the glass or slightly worse, so to avoid friction with hard objects. Try not to wear it when you swim on the seashore.