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Design Types Of Resin Lenses
Sep 11, 2017

Aspheric Lenses

The traditional sphere lens lens periphery sees the object to have the distortion phenomenon, limited the wearer's field of vision, in the optics inevitably has the spherical aberration visual flaw, but not the spherical lens to reduce the lens edge aberration to the bottom. The base bend of the aspherical lens of the resin lens is flatter and lighter, and it looks more natural and beautiful. In the case of high diopter, can reduce the distortion of glasses, for the high degree of vision of consumers, the choice of aspheric lenses may be more appropriate.

Asymmetric design

It is mainly targeted at customers with special requirements. To make the eyes more comfortable, the wearer may require the lens to be as clear as possible when looking at the near object and the distant object, which makes a lot of demands on the design of the lens. Progressive film is the abbreviation of progressive multifocal lenses, and the gradation of the film must provide a two-eye optometry list, the designer then uses the width of the lens up and down to design the upper part of the lens into a far-used luminosity, and the lower part of the lens is designed for near-use luminosity, and the upper and lower portions are designed to be a continuous part of the light. Progressive slices allow consumers to have a clear vision from afar.

Hard and soft design

For lens designers, the definition of a new progressive film, usually there are 2 ways: ① with a short, rapid progressive design, but this will accumulate a large amount of distortion outside the lens, forming a hard design. ② uses a long, slow, progressive design that spreads the distortion to the entire lens, forming a soft design. In fact, only the combination of the above two layers of design to form the best results.