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Coating Firmness Of Resin Lens
Sep 11, 2017

It is used to refer to the film Layer Life Index of the film-adding lens. Now a lot of consumers will require the lens is the film, all kinds of film its role is different, some lenses even added several kinds of film. The common has the Antireflection film, the Hard film (anti-wear film), the anti-radiation membrane and so on.

1 Anti-reflective film, using the principle of light interference to reduce the surface of the lens of excess reflection light, improve the transmittance, feel the glare of the reduction, making people see more clearly, at the same time because of the ability to reduce reflection, so that the appearance of the lens is more beautiful.

2 The hard film can effectively protect the surface of the lens from abrasion, also can resist the destruction of hard objects, prolong the life of the lens. It is generally added to the front surface of the lens, so that the resin lens anti-wear ability to enhance, and the permeability of the time has also been strengthened.

3 anti-radiation film can block the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays,

So it is advisable to wear glasses that absorb $number ultraviolet rays.

4 anti-fouling film: Due to the reduction of reflective membrane molecules gap between the larger, the surface of the lens is easy to filth, and anti-fouling membrane material molecule particles small, small gap between the molecules, so that the lens surface more polished, increased waterproof, fog, dust and other anti-pollution functions.

8, anti-radiation performance: Refers to the lens through the evaporation of a metal conductive material, so that it from the insulator to a certain degree of conductivity, shielding electromagnetic radiation ability. In recent years, radiation-resistant lenses have become the mainstream of film-adding lenses.

9, Gravity: the density of the material. The smaller the weight of the material, the lighter lenses can be made. Today, light lenses are increasingly favored by customers.

10, polarizing: polarized lenses can protect people from reflected light damage, can enhance the visual contrast of outdoor, especially when driving, polarized lenses can weaken the glare of the strong light. You can see that most of the stained sunglasses are used with polarized lenses.

11, other physical indicators: flame-retardant, yellow index, anti-SAG, discoloration and so on.