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Classification Of Resin Lenses
Sep 11, 2017

The refractive index of the lens is an important parameter of the lens,

Generally there are 1.49, 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 and other numbers. These figures represent the optical refractive index of the lens, that is, the lens with the same degree of the same material in the same thickness of the lens center, the lens with high refractive index is thinner than that with lower refractive index; the larger the number, the thinner the lens, the higher the price. Currently on the market 1.49 of the lenses are rare, and the variety is not much, mainly some old people buy reading glasses mostly. Different degrees are suitable for refractive index of different lenses. and myopia in 500 degrees or less than the general selection of 1.56 refractive index for the best, this kind of lenses complete, many functions, and the price is moderate. If people with myopia over 500 degrees are considering the thickness of the lens, it is better to choose the refractive index at 1.56 aspherical or 1.61 refractive index when buying lenses. The following are the thickness comparisons of several common refractive indices:

Classification of resin Lenses:

Color Resin Lenses

Color resin lens is the dye resin lens, is in the general resin lens coating, dye a variety of different transmittance of color lenses.

1.56 Plus hard resin lenses

In the 1.499 plus hard resin lens characteristics, 1.56 plus hard resin lens design advanced use of physiological base bending design, effectively reduce the thickness of the lens. And this lens because of the refractive index ratio of 1.499, so the lens is also thinner. 1.56 plus hard film resin lens

1.56 adding hard film resin lens without film and film contrast

1. It can effectively prevent water droplets from sticking on the surface of the lens.

2, high efficiency of the antireflection enhancement function to ensure that the lens transmittance rate of up to 97% or so.

3, not easily aging, high transmittance, super strong impact and wear resistance.

4, coated glasses can reduce the reflection of the lens surface, to solve the problem of wearing glasses under the glare of the light, increase the aesthetic feeling.

1.56 plus hard film and radiation resistant resin lenses

This lens calculates the best combination of curvature by computer design,

Let person's eye without everyway which angle looks up, all achieves the best visual effect, the curvature design conforms to the human eyeball rotation law, the field of vision width is wider. Moreover, after Multi-layer film treatment, reduce specular reflection, after taking pictures do not have to take off glasses. Easier to clean, high transmittance. The radiation-resistant lenses are treated with special electrical conductivity film, so that the lenses have the capability of resisting electromagnetic radiation. Users can avoid eye damage caused by low-frequency radiation. Anti-radiation resin tablets are especially suitable for computer workers.