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What is the difference between a PC lens and a resin lens?
Sep 11, 2017

The resin lens is a kind of optical lens which is made by the resin as raw material through the precise chemical process synthesis and the polishing. At the same time, resin can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin two kinds.

The advantages of resin lenses: strong impact resistance, not easily broken, good transmittance, high refractive index, light quality, low cost.

PC lenses are a type of lens that is molded from polycarbonate (thermoplastic material) after being heated. The material, which was developed from space exploration, is also called a cosmic film or space film. Since PC resin is a kind of thermoplastic material with excellent performance, it is particularly suitable for making spectacle lenses.

The advantages of PC lenses: 100% Ultraviolet rays, 3-5 years will not be yellow, super strong impact resistance, high refractive index, light weight (lighter than ordinary resin tablets 37%, impact resistance is up to the normal resin 12 times times)

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