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What is glass lens
Sep 11, 2017

Glass lenses are more resistant to scraping than other lenses, but their weight is heavier, the refractive index is relatively high: the ordinary film is 1.523 (light white, gray, change tea), ultra-thin is: 1.7 (red, white), 1.8 (red, white, purple), 1.9 (red, white) up to 2.0, However, the highest refractive index used for the use of spectacle lenses is 1.9.

The main raw material of glass lenses is optical glass. The refractive index is higher than the resin lens, so the glass lens is thinner than the resin lens in the same degree. The transmittance and mechanical properties of glass lenses are good, with constant refractive index and stable physical and chemical properties. The lens without color is called optical white film (Clear optical lens), the pink film in the colored film is called the Gram match lens (Cruxite optical lens), under the incandescent lamp is purple red, under the fluorescent lamp assumes the light cyan Blue the lens (Croo Kes Optical LENS), the Cox lens absorbs ultraviolet rays and has a slight absorption effect on the strong light. There is only one manufacturer in the country.

Glass optical properties Superior, not easy to delimit flowers, high refractive index. The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens. But the glass piece is fragile, the material is biased, when chooses the lens frame, should try to choose the small mirror frame, thus reduces the lens the weight, guarantees the wearing comfort degree.

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