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What about the glasses?
Sep 11, 2017

Do not know whether the people wearing glasses have had this experience: when the glasses are foggy, greasy or stained with dust, we first think of is to use cloth or paper towels hard wipe, but also clean. This feeling is not very annoying you. In fact, most people are now using resin lenses, today billion ultra glasses network to give everyone a common use of resin glasses flower what to do?

Lenses spent on cloth or paper towels and even with the clothes desperately wipe is a common habit of many people, and this practice is wrong, very easy to cause the lens of the scraping, wear. The right cleaning method generally requires two things: soap and water. Of course, when there is no soap, detergent can also be replaced. First, wet the lens with tap water, then gently daub the lens with soap, and have the finger gently rub, avoid too hard, prevent sand to wear the lens. After, as long as rinse with water, and then use a special mirror to wipe clean.

Xiao Bian remind you that you can not use hot water washing lenses, because the use of hot water to wash the lens can easily damage or even fall off the film. Of course, if the home near the friends of the Glasses shop, may wish to regularly go to the glasses shop to let the clerk with professional cleaning equipment cleaning glasses.

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