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The origin and development of glasses
Sep 11, 2017

The glasses first appeared in Florence, Italy in 1289, and were said to have been invented by an optical home named Almato and an Italian spina living in the city of Pisa. Benjamin Franklin, an American inventor with myopia and farsightedness, invented a pair of spectacles in 1784. In the 1825, British astronomer George Eli invented spectacles that corrected astigmatism. Some people think that the Chinese invented glasses 2000 years ago. Our country appeared in the middle of Ming dynasty glasses. Ming Wanli Tanaka in the "Stay Green Day" Volume Twoarticle cloud: "Every read the article, eyesight faint tired, do not distinguish the details, in order to cover the eyes, the spirit does not disperse, the strokes are clear." With silk damask, tied to the brain, people do not know, raise to ask Yu. Yu Yue: This also. The is the original term.

The image and physical data of early glasses in China are very few. The Chinese Museum of History, "South all the Tou" (depicting the Ming yongle years in Nanjing Urban People's life scenes) in one of the elderly wearing glasses. In the Qing Dynasty, Zhao said that glasses were introduced to China during the Ming Dynasty. Qing jiaqing years have been widely used glasses, Zhang Zixiu in the "continued door Bamboo Words" cloud: "myopia everyone wears glasses, shop in the depth of the system clear." Even more sparing the eye of the artful, the fight to buy all by the epigenetic. "Qing Li Guangting", "Township speech Jie Yi" records, China's ancient glasses according to Kaniko 12 branches to divide the depth of scale.

Since the 13th century human invention of lenses, has been using crystal glass grinding lenses, China adopted in addition to the use of crystal, and using artificial crystal. Later the use of glass lenses. 1937 France invented a plastic glasses called acrylic, although not easily broken, but poor clarity. In 1954, an engineer from France's Vision Road company was inspired by the materials used to make the cockpit, thus inventing the resin lens, which has since become the world's most extreme of the lens kingdom, which has been used today. 

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