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The advantage of blue light cut resin lens
Aug 14, 2018

With the progress and development of contemporary society, LED lights, TV, laptop monitors, good phones, pill PCs and alternative product area unit currently wide utilized in all aspects of people's lives, these product (especially diode lightweights and display) emitted light contains plenty of high-energy shortwave blue irregular frequency, a protracted shut look pictures, text, video, etc., the eyes can cause some pressure, then red eyes, dry eyes, eye astringent, blurred vision, eye fatigue, head, back, shoulder and neck pain and alternative symptoms. Therefore, for long-run staff within the indoor and outside lightweight atmosphere, and self cataract patients, the student-related devolution similarly as long-run use of laptop workplace staff, anti-wear blue glasses is important and therefore the most straightforward and effective means.

Many anti-blue resin lens surface is doped or disseminated malignant melanoma, yellow pigment, organic dye, associate optical color of bound principles and blue and therefore the filtering impact of the lens substrate. However, thanks to weather weak organic dye, the sun can fade long-run exposure, cannot be sturdy. Additionally, several of the blue lightweight through the lens of under ten, the quantity of blue lightweight reaching the membrane of the attention of the $64000 post-absorption thereby subjected to additional lens and vitreous of the attention, such a high resistance to wear blue glasses nearly zero, i.e. fully blocked shade the 3 primary colours (red, green, blue) color lightweight blue, the result can cause serious distortion of the image, the long-standing time can cut back the sensitivity of the light-sensitive color of the optic tract, there's the danger of even color weakness color-blind. Moreover, anti-blue coloured lenses lower property longwave light coefficient, reckoning on the fabric and sight once worn weak, coherent and effective improved method particularly in overcast or low lightweight conditions, was taken at this stage 3-11 or a lot of layers deposited layer antireflection film, the producing method is sophisticated and restricted antireflection impact.

Thus, Just Optical making a superior integrated high performance anti-blue resin material of the lens, it's a high durable anti-blue lightweight, the close intensity and sight will clear vision soft wonderful performance ,significant.



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