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Lens technology makes wearing eyewear better
Aug 05, 2018

Modern lens technology offers people additional choices to suit our each want.

High index eyewear lens

for those who loathe sporting thick prescription eyewear, these lenses supply superior optics in a very agent and lighter lens.

Aspheric lens 

flatter and agent, these eyewear lenses square measure nice for sturdy prescriptions providing higher vision than normal eyewear lenses, higher wanting and far additional fashionable.

Multi-focal eyewear lens 

bifocals and trifocals accessible in many alternative configurations for a range of activities from golf, hobbies, crafts and pc work; progressive eyewear lenses do a similar issue as central eyewear lenses and trifocal eyewear lenses however while not the lines through the lenses.

Anti reflective coatings 

consist of many layers of metal oxides applied to each the front and therefore the back of the eyewear lenses. opposed reflective eyewear lenses facilitate to dam mirrored lightweight, this makes seeing easier as you'll get a discount in glare (also useful for driving at night). The opposed reflective lenses additionally look higher cosmetically as there will not be any unpleasant glare once folks square measure gazing you.

Scratch resistant eyewear lens

Can facilitate the lenses to be additional resistant. Scratch resistant eyewear lenses square measure treated within the front and back of the lenses with a transparent, exhausting coating.

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