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How to distinguish against blue light radiation lenses?
Aug 29, 2018

How to distinguish computer radiation glasses from normal glasses? Is there such a computer radiation protection lens in myopia? that lenses look no totally different from normal resin lenses. The employee created an illustration for this: 1st, a tool with a glass cowl was supercharged on, and a rotating aura appeared forthwith within, it's aforementioned that this can be associate radiation, and so the radiation-proof lens is placed before of the rotating aura, before of the lens. The sunshine was distorted and a red spot appeared. She aforementioned that the lens blocked the ultraviolet and magnetic attraction waves; then she took out another lens and did nothing. The employee aforementioned that this can be the normal lens actinic ray has penetrated. Do not know if this demo is true or false?

Since the surface of the radiation-proof lens is coated with a blue anti-radiation film layer, the glasses ar agitated and agitated on the surface of the lens to own some blue color light-weight shining out. Compared with normal glasses, the normal glasses won't emit any illumination light. 2. Wear it on the spot to visualize the computer and see however it feels totally different. Parenthetically, if you do not wear any radiation-proof glasses to appear at the pc, you'll feel that the show is especially obvious and slightly beating. If you wear the "Bao Zhi Shen Brand" radiation-proof glasses, you'll clearly feel clear and natural. 3. If conditions allow, use relevant scrutiny instruments for scientific testing. 4. The lenses ar all clear and colorless.

The surface of the radiation-proof lens is coated with a layer of blue anti-radiation film. Therefore, after you develop the glasses and shake the lens left and right, blue light-weight can shine out. Anti-blue radiation glasses are literally within the method of lens process of glasses, adding some compound medium to the assembly material, and so attaching a radiation protection film layer on the lens, as a result of the radiation of the computer is from magnetic attraction waves, and these waves ar a particular wavelength and amplitude, so magnetic attraction waves of various wavelengths generated on the front and rear surfaces of the lens interfere with one another, thereby canceling an area of the radiation. Therefore, radiation protection glasses will play some anti-radiation effects. Once adding the anti-reflection mode, the anti-reflection will solely increase a particular wavelength vary. Once the blue light-weight isn't during this vary, it'll mirror a lot of different colours of sunshine can experience or most of them can experience, therefore solely the blue light-weight is mirrored.


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