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Enhance Your Eyewear Lens Treatments
Jul 17, 2018

Lens treatment could be a means that of enhancing your eyewear thus on facilitate them meet your special necessities. Following area unit some strategies of lens treatments:

a. Mirror coating lens 

- Mirror coating lenses facilitate mirror the obtrusive lightweight rays emitted by water surfaces, ice and snow. As a result, mirror coated lenses area unit primarily employed in spectacles, ski glasses and additional.

b. Photochromic lens 

- Photochromic lenses area unit 'intelligent' lenses, that adapt to changes in light and temperature once the light will increase. Photochromic lenses quickly darken to a lighter tint and facilitate defend your eyes.

c. Polarized Lens 

- Polarized lenses contain specially designed polarized filters, that facilitate cut back glare. Polarized lenses additionally offer one hundred ultraviolet light protection and increase clarity and perception. they're excellent for out of doors activities.

d. UV (B and C) protection 

- UV has been identified to cause cataract, carcinoma and degeneration of the membrane. As a result, ultraviolet light lens and ultraviolet light lens filters became a pre-requisite for all eyewear. beware to confirm that each one your eyewear is each ultraviolet light B and C protected.

e. Scratch resistant coating 

- This coating is applied by the manufacturer. Scratch resistant coating will increase the sturdiness of the lens.


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