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Cleaning of resin lens
Sep 11, 2017

1, rinse with tap water, can also use neutral soap or special cleaning agent cleaning, and then use special glasses cloth wipe clean.

2, use shampoo or shower gel, because these two kinds of comparison oil, will produce a kind of protective film, also has the function of waterproof and fog-proof. Rub the lotion on your hands and put the foam on the surface of the two-lens and then rub the finger around the lens. Try to avoid the nail scratching the lens.

3, rinse the lens, the water should not be too fierce, a little bit can be. The lens and water flow into a 45 degree angle slowly pan, try not to let the water flow to the other side of the lens.

4, there are many glasses shop glasses have this kind of free cleaning the lens of after-sales service, if they can not handle, or go to the glasses shop to wash more assured.

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