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Blue light is killing your eyes , it’s time to updated your lens
Aug 09, 2018

If you're employed on a laptop, use a smartphone, watch TV, or just quit within the sun, you're being exposed to high-energy visible (HEV) blue lightweight. an excessive amount of blue lightweight exposure will injury the eyes over time and even result in vision loss. Today, a lot of individuals ar carrying blue-light-blocking lenses to safeguard their eyes from these probably damaging rays.

What is Blue Light?

blue lightweight is an element of the light spectrum. throughout the daytime, natural blue lightweight from the sun helps keep you awake and regulates your biological time, or ‘body clock.’ Indoors, blue lightweight is emitted from digital devices like computers or smartphone screens, yet as artificial lightweight sources cherish junction rectifier and fluorescent lights.

The Dark aspect of Blue lightweight

The most common effects of an excessive amount of blue lightweight exposure ar eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. However, recent studies have centered on blue light’s negative impact on the biological time and located that observation TV or employing a pill before hour, let's say, may result in restlessness and noncontinuous sleep cycles. In extreme cases, an excessive amount of blue lightweight exposure will even result in permanent eye injury and vision loss.

Children ar particularly vulnerable as a result of their eyes haven't nevertheless developed natural defenses against UV and HEV blue light. Today, a staggering ninety seven percent of yank children beneath the age of 4 use mobile devices, and teenagers ar disbursement a mean of half-dozen.5 hours per day on screens. currently that youngsters ar exploitation a lot of digital devices reception and college beginning at a young age, it’s vital to safeguard their eyes the maximum amount as attainable.It’s time to contemplate everyday blue blockers.

JUST Optical blue blocker lens:

Excellent Visual Clarity

Lightweight & Comfortable

Impact Resistant

Great light filtration

Anti-Reflection Coat

UV-400 Protection



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