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Blue-cut lens sunglasses :UV Eye Protection
Sep 27, 2018

The sun emits 3 types of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. whereas UVC is absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, UVB radiation is just partly blocked and may burn the skin and eyes. UVA rays aren't filtered and cause the foremost injury to vision health, per the planet Health Organization.

The Vision Council’s most up-to-date VisionWatch survey reveals yankee adults expertise symptoms – like irritation within the eye (15.5 percent), bother seeing (13.5 percent), wrinkles round the eye (8.3 percent), red or swollen eyes (5.9 percent), sunburn on the eyelids (3.7 percent), sunburn of the attention (2.5 percent) and cancer on or round the eye (.6 percent) – from prolonged UV exposure. in addition, the foremost four-four time yankee adults report defrayment time outdoors is 2-4 p.m. (39.8 percent), and also the much loved issue that issues them most regarding UV eye exposure is vision loss (28.2 percent). However, twenty seven % report they don’t generally wear dark glasses after they square measure outside.

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