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5 reasons for us to choose resin lens
Jul 31, 2018

1. excellent impact resistance,not easy to be broken. It's safe than glass, particularly appropriate for college students,athletes.

2. sensible pervious  to light-weight, resin lens light-weight transmission over 2 hundredth more than the glass lenses, at an equivalent time, the resin lenses with coating will effectively forestall ultraviolet injury to the eyes;

3. a lot of versatile and a lot of advanced process technology, will meet numerous special wants.Such as high index of refraction of the lens or creating aspheric lenses, glass lenses is incommensurable.

4. Weight of resin lens is a lot of lighter than glasses,easily for process.

5. price is low, injection molding of lenses, as long as when creating a exactness mould, may be production, not solely save the process prices and save time.


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